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It's a Seller's Market

Great news, it's still a seller's market! Asher House Realty is dedicated to getting you the most for your home. Why should you pick Asher House Realty over another competitor?

  1. Communication is key and the number one reason why most agents get fired. We don’t list it and forget it. We will communicate with you even if we have no news to deliver.

  2. We will price your home correctly so it’s not just sitting on the market.

  3. Your first showings happen online and terrible pictures won’t get buyers to your property. We will use professional photos to put your home in the best light.

  4. We won’t just put your home on the MLS, we use social media, technology, and multiple websites. What's the process?


1. Market Data 

Realtors don't dictate the market we just interpret it. We will bring you market data to show you how homes within your criteria and area are selling. Together we will come up with the appropriate price to list your property. What's important to consider when listing the features of your property? Location- are you in a desirable area? Competition- What other homes in your area are also on the market?  Timing- How are the interest rates? How is the economy?  Price- We want to price the home correctly if we want to sell it quickly. It does no good to overprice a home and have it sitting on the market going stale. Condition- How does the condition of your home rank with similar homes in the neighborhood? First impressions are important and in order to get the most money for your home, enhancing the physical condition of your property will get the best buyer perception 


2. Why do I need a Realtor? 
  • Realtors offer a wealth of knowledge about the market and negotiation tactics. They can also offer advice on renovations, curb appeal, first impressions, and cosmetic work.  

  • Realtors also have a wide network. We have access to numerous agents who have numerous buyers. Besides the MLS, we use our personal and business contacts as well as social media and technology to get your home the most exposure possible.  

  • Realtors know the science to a successful open house. Timing, sign placement, incentives, door knocking, and media advertising.  

  • When using a Realtor, you can ensure that through our showing service, showings will be supervised and no one unauthorized will enter your property when you aren’t there.  

  • Once your home is under contract there are numerous hazards that can occur. Between inspections, appraisals, and financing there are a lot of moving parts and parties. There must be constant communication to keep the transaction moving smoothly. Asher House Realty will help keep the process running and lines of communication open with all involved.  


3. Showings/Open houses 

A first impression can be a lasting one. It frequently happens that buyer’s pull up to a home and change their mind about seeing it before even leaving the car. First impressions and curb appeal are a must. Small things like potted flowers, a manicured lawn, and debris free walkways can go a long way. Inside, less is more. Keep countertops, pathways, and stairs clear. Everything in it’s place. Stuffing last minute toys, clothes, and other items in closets is not an option. Assume a buyer will look at EVERYTHING. Make beds, keep toilet lids down, clean dishes, and any subtle but fresh scents are always welcome. When leaving your home for multiple showings, turn lights on ahead of time and open any blinds or curtains. If it’s cold outside make sure the heat is on. If it’s hot outside make sure the A/C is working.  


4. Under Contract 

We’ve secured a buyer! Now the process of inspections and appraisals begins. Asher House Realty will help guide you through this period and communicate with you ahead of time, what to expect. We will also help negotiate repairs and costs for a smooth transaction.  


5. Moving 

This can be a stressful, exciting, and overwhelming time. Here is a checklist for your move: 

  • Change your address at the post office, banks, insurance, utility companies, and friends and family 

  • Keep your utilities on at your current residence until closing. Have your utilities changed on closing day.  

  • Reserve your moving truck, get boxes, tape, dollies, etc. Ahead of time  

  • Double check all areas on your final move out day. Get a new DL, register kids for school, and arrange for medical services 

  • Happy Closing Day! 

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